Tuesday, March 21, 2006


yes, today is a snowday. it means i have an extra day to grade and prep for the two new units i start on friday. let me tell you, after the events of this past week, i can really use this extra day.
i feel like the kid who didn't do his homework and got his reprieve. i didn't have grades done like i promised. i accidentally left some of my papers at school, but i got lucky. despite the snow on the first full day of spring, it's going to be a good day. i'm going to finish my teacher stuff, go workout (because i swear, teaching is making me put on the pounds), then it's out on the town with the boyfriend. not too late...will have to teach tomorrow.
i'm also going to get my resume ready. i'm just not sure if i can stay at the school i'm at now. the teachers hate their jobs...they're so negative and angry. principal stopped by yesterday afternoon to let me know, "i'll see you next week. i'm going to keep you here. i don't care how annoying they are (referring to the other teachers, because he knows i'm looking for another job because of them)."
time to play teacher...


Ms. H said...

I know what it's like to work with toxic people. It sounds like your principal values you and sees that the "others" are evil....which is always good! As someone who had an absolutely HORRIBLE 1st year of teaching (I left teaching for higher ed and said I'd NEVER teach again. it took me 7 years to come back.) I would say, if you vibe with the kids...give it one more year there. I'd rather have an awesome vibe with the kiddos, who i have to deal with for hours on end...rather than the prissyass adults who i can LOCK OUT of my room for hours on end.

the anonymous teacher said...

I'm really afraid that the toxic people are going to burn me out on teaching. I love the kids, but the teachers make me so miserable. Things should change some next year because the district is getting two new permanent teachers and one new temp. I think the principal will hire younger teachers...so, we'll see.
I've got my resume out to other schools. I'm going to wait and see what I can get. There's another school in the area that's lower-maintainance, and it pays about $6000 more...plus, it's on balanced calendar, which I'm a fan of.