Tuesday, April 11, 2006

and the essays remain untouched.

i've worked out twice the past two days for a total of six get-skinny hours.
i've had lunch with the boyfriend twice, as well.
i've started reading the biography of howard hughes he got me for christmas.
i've blogged several times. and played around in the blogworld.
i've played the sims compulsively, moving one of my sims into her own house.
i've made cookies and sent them to my friend in iraq.
i've mailed my resume to several more schools and had offers for four interviews...one of which is out-of-state.
i've eaten a little better than unhealthy.
i've made a trip down to my alma mater to visit some friends.
i've hung out with the substitutes.
i've made an outline for my student council meeting scheduled for monday.
i've done four loads of laundry.
i've taken several naps.
i've read 2 1/2 trashy romance novels.
i've created a rubric to grade my persuasive essays.

but i haven't touched the essays.


Ms. Teacher said...

I am so impressed!!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

And why would you even think about touching the essays when you can do nothing???