Thursday, April 20, 2006


hm. so i may've been a little nervous for my first interview, and i may've talked like the micromachines man.
i'm usually a really good interviewer; however, before it was for jobs that didn't really matter much to me...this is my career...little more important. i think what i said was intelligent.
also, called a principal about the status of my resume...making sure he had everything/reminding him about little ol' me...and he said he'd be calling for interviews next week. he then asked if i was looking anywhere else. i didn't really think before i spoke and told him about my two interviews. i'm sure i sounded like a spaz, but he seemed nice...hopefully he didn't think anything too bad.
i will do better at my interview tomorrow.


the reflective teacher said...

Nothing wrong with telling one interviewer about other opportunities. That's the job -- supplying information.

You'd do the same if you were leaving a position.

Also, reminding a principal about your resume is not considered "annoying." It's what you need to do. Keep your name up and memorable.

Ms. H said...

Go in there and show them exactly how awesome you are...and how lucky they'd be to have you work for them! Good luck, chica!!

M said...

oooo good luck and knock 'em dead!

I was always horrible at interviews but great at writing resumes!

the anonymous teacher said...

i'm usually not a spaz at interviews, but this is the first time they really matter...a 16 year old parttime job isn't that big of a deal...but my career is. i just talked myself into being a nervous wreck.