Monday, April 17, 2006

it was definitely him.

the boy realized the error of his ways. had a midlife crisis at the ripe age of 24. and for the price of a banana split and a lunch brought to me at school, i accepted his apology. he's got some sucking up to do. but at least he's not a lost cause....he realized he's miserable without me. he's lucky i'm understanding.

he's going to read this, and i'll definitely hear about it later :)


Ms. H said...

The fact that he a) realizes he has sucking up to do, b)came to his senses, and c)delivered a BANANA SPLIT TO SCHOOL indicates that giving him a Mulligan is definitely warranted. He might be upset at reading your post...but at least he's reading it as one who has come to his senses -- and not the goofball that let you get away! (Hi Boyfriend, I'm sure you're now wanting to apply to be the president of my fan club. Please know there are a lot of people vying for the office, as well!! heheheheee! Honestly, though...good show at coming back to the land of 'anon'!! Well done!)

Ms. Teacher said...

:) Very, very good!

Late Nighter said...

I like that you took him back and didn't insist on drama. You just did what you wanted. Ah, its always good to hear from another woman's perspective who isn't flipping nuts.