Saturday, September 23, 2006

a compliment...from a teenager...

I was in a ridiculously good mood last night because of a really small thing a student did. But it meant so much to me.

I worked last night at the bar. Saw a teacher I know from another school. She also coaches volleyball for that school. She met one of my little delinquents (one from my lowest-tracked class) because his girlfriend plays volleyball on her team. She asks if he knows me, and he tells her that he has me for English. She asks if he likes having me or not, and his reply, "Yea, she's cool. She does fun stuff to make us pay attention, and she won't let me sleep. And she calls me out on my bull without being mean about it."
That I do. He acts like it's awful when I do it when we're in class...but apparently he actually enjoys it. Anyways, put me in a good mood.

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