Thursday, March 29, 2007

2 days...(this morning anyway)

And two minutes that I've been home all day...It's been a long one.

The kids are getting sillier and sillier the closer we get to Spring Break. My freshmen couldn't even sit in their desks for more than ten seconds. They were squirming and giggling like crazy. I hate trying to fight with them when they're like that, so today I tried to run with it. I gave them a hands-on review game. That gave them an outlet for their energy, but it also made them do it in a productive way.

My goal is simply to get through tomorrow....

Tomorrow morning will mean one day...I can do one more day of patience...


happychyck said...

Happy Spring Break! My students were also pretty nutty in the last few days. What helped is that 3 of their teachers gave them projects that were due on Friday, so they were too busy to even breathe or eat! I, on the other hand, was bored and antsy because watching them finish their projects was not enough to keep my mind off of VACATION!

M said...

oh god I know what you mean! Our kids were getting rattier and rattier as the term went on too!

the anonymous teacher said...

happychyck, At points I felt that I was more anxious to get out than my students. It was awful.

m, Hopefully when we get back the kids will be too worn out to cause any real trouble ::wishful thinking::

rookie teacher said...

ENJOY your time off!!!!

sexy said...