Thursday, December 20, 2007

the weight of term papers on my shoulders...

Right now I'm blogging instead of grading, and I don't feel guilty...because, for once, all my grading is finished...done...gone...finito. And I feel like the weight of the world is lifted of my little anonymous shoulders because I'm not one of those teachers who can "aim at the next class period to give back exams and two weeks for feedback on papers" (Dr. Kirk). Let me take that back, I can aim all I want, but it's virtually pointless and simply makes me feel guilty when I don't.

Recently on Are We Doing Anything Today? there was a post about being inundated with grading. Now, I said earlier that I'm able to type guilt-free because I don't have any grading; however, that's only because I spent four hours yesterday finishing essays I'd had for nearly a month.

I really do try to get it back in a "timely fashion," but then I get caught up in planning and life...and grading falls to the wayside, despite the fact that I think feedback is one of the most important parts of the writing process, but teachers are people, not grading machines as some people seem to think.

Next semester will begin, I'll be on top of my grading for about a month....then all of a sudden, I'll look back, and my collection trays (what my students call the trays where I keep their homework) will be spilling over with essays...and I'll walk into class every day to a chorus of, "You don't have them graded yet?! Are we ever going to get them back?"


Vivacia said...

Consider it just prep for college where they may not ever get exams back in a timely fashion!

Anonymous said...

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40 said...
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40 said...

Let me tell you, the grading gets a LOT easier. I have been teaching my current subject for 4 years. There are assignments that I know the question from memory (from the previous years). It's really an amazing thing once you get rolling. I absolutely love that about teaching. Every year I feel like I get better and that makes it so much more fun.

Nice blog. I love reading about your experiences.

Priest said...

Hello Anonymous Teacher:

I finish up my M.A. in Education, Secondary, August 2009. Good read as I too will be a "newbie" and your Blog is quite helpful in terms of "real world" insights.

Journey well, Priest

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