Sunday, March 02, 2008

busy month

February was a busy month for me...term paper season, too much cold weather, illness, getting my tonsils out.

Hopefully I won't be ill as often once they're gone.

I don't have a whole lot to say...just wanted to post something.


OKP said...

Just write when you can. There are people out there reading!

interactive education said...

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Mr. Educator said...

I really like comment you have in your heading. I feel like my blog could have a very similar heading. You would only have to replace 2nd year with 3rd, and high school with elementary school.

I can relate to a lot of your posts.

Mr. Educator (also anonymous) said...

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Irate Teacher said...

Just found your blog, and trust me, I know what you mean. Hardest job you'll ever love, right?

I really enjoyed the honesty in your frustration with kids over Julius Caesar. I personally love teaching Macbeth, but I try to break the language down and have them react to the frankness with which Shakespeare approached gore and violence, because it shocks many of my students despite what they see on television these days. I wish you the best of luck!

Hall Monitor said...

All interested in the state of education should check out Voted #1 for crazy school house news.

the teacher said...

Hey Anon...

I know you have not posted in several months (trust I have done that on my blog on many occasions) but I am curious to hear how your first year of teaching turned out.

Are you coming back into the trenches for this upcoming year? Drop by my blog sometimes and let me now how things turned out (you have my blog listed as "A Teacher's Perspective" but I changed the name to "a voice from the middle" - the old addy will still get you there.

Debi said...

Great blog!

I am a teacher & just started my own blog.

Please check it out & share it with other teachers.

I look forward to reading your posts.

Tim said...

This time of year is always very busy for us teachers. In addition to working again and watching the seasons change - I can't help to think if there is a psychological depression/condition that teachers face from having to work and vacation for so long?

I am a test user on a new website APPLEBATCH which allowed me to connect with teachers, school psychs and social workers across the US. So, I asked them what the scoop is and no one really knows. Might be a great topic for a term paper or research thesis for grad work.


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