Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the funk continues.

have you ever had a day where you felt like you just screwed up everything you attempted to do? welcome to my day. i don't know what my deal was...but it seemed as if everything i had planned somehow didn't work out the way i envisioned. i even had a conversation with my first hour class about it:

me: i'm really off today, guys. i don't know what my deal is, but i feel like one of those bad teachers.

my student: yea, miss anonymous, you're usually a really good teacher, but today you're kind of sucking.

nothing like my little delinquents to tell me like it is. i usually appreciate their candor...but definitely not today.

even during one of the worst sucky teacher days i've had so far, i had an awesome teacher moment...i have a student who is a good kid in my class...he's shy, but he's one of my favorites *not that i have favorites...*. he always has his homework done, always on time, very polite..apparently in other classes, he's not so pleasant. so, his baseball coach sends out an email to his teachers asking that we let him know of any problems because the kid is really into baseball. i emailed his coach and let him know that i know other teachers have problems with him, but i wanted to let him know how good of a kid he is for me. and blahblahblah. i talked to his coach later that day, and he seemed genuinely surprised and happy that this kid is so good.

so, i'm not the worst teacher in the world...

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