Thursday, March 02, 2006

and tomorrow is friday.

today was a good day. i let one of my little delinquents teach today. he rarely shows up to my class because he can't get up in the morning, so yesterday when he asked if he could teach, i was hesitant to say yes. but he promised to show up, and he did. he did an excellent job. not only did he take the time to read and understand the text, but he figured out a way to put it into terms his classmates would understand. they enjoyed his lesson, and i enjoyed having first hour off. i got to sit back and enjoy the show. and a good show it was.
seniors are funny. showing what dreams may come in connection with the inferno was a great idea. the kids are so caught up in the movie. they groan when i turn it off. i love it when kids get disappointed over the end of class.
i punished a couple immature boys by rewarding my kids who worked hard. let half the class go to lunch early, and i held a couple boys after class into their lunch. when the students asked why they couldn't go to lunch early, i told them, "i can trust those kids to be in the halls and not get me in trouble...not so much with you guys." they were more than a little angry. hopefully they think next time before they act like idiots in my class.
seventh hour prep is great. i get to spend the end of my day unwinding.

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