Friday, March 31, 2006

update on angry kid.

just figured i'd let you know what happened with angry kid.
i gave a copy of the note to an assistant principal, who gave it to the student's guidance counselor. i asked his guidance counselor what was going to happen with it, and she told me they called his mother...i looked at her, expecting her to finish what she was saying. she didn't say anything else. so, i asked her if that was all.
she told me the same thing his parents told me when i talked to them: "that's just angry kid." she ranted at me that he'd been picked on since third grade, and that football star must've said something to him (i was sitting on the desk next to him, and there was nothing said), and that she doesn't blame him because they're so mean and lalala.
all i will say is that i was not satisfied with this response. while i do believe picking on angry kid is wrong, i also believe that allowing angry kid to get away with this behavior is just condoning his actions. he's going to believe it's acceptable to respond this way. i suggested counseling, switching to another, quieter class, etc. but all i got was blame on the other students. i think everyone involved should have to take responsibility for themselves.
anyways....been on a field trip with the stuco kids this weekend. tell you about it later. gotta go get them up and on the train.

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Ms. H said...

Crankycounselor is going to be at the top of the lawsuit list and the newspaper article when angrykid flips out and hurts someone. sheer madness!