Monday, April 03, 2006

first fieldtrip.

i've officially lived through my first fieldtrip.
i definitely messed up along the way. (we may've missed a train...and i may've overslept one morning) but i brought all my students home. (i really will write more about what i learned and also the trip itself when i have the time).

also, i have two students writing persuasive essays about no child left behind. i'm interested to read them. i have one writing about religion in schools (despite my warning against that topic). i also have one writing against abstinence-only education. and i even have one attempting to disprove the moonlanding (the kid is a little odd, but i suppose it'll be interesting). then i have the usual: athletes are paid too much, year-round school, legalizing marijuana.

i love reading term papers, but man, do i hate grading them. especially with my honors kids. their parents are crazy!! one point off, and they flip out...i have to be able to adequately support any grade i give. gah! makes it a little high-stress grading.

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