Friday, May 12, 2006

a post interrupted.

i miss blog-time. i haven't had a lot of free time this week...and when i've had time, i haven't had my computer.
i've decided to continue looking for a job. i tried to explain this to the boyfriend earlier, and he didn't really get it. i suppose unless you're there, you wouldn't.
i started to attempt, but it's pointless. just know i'm unhappy. i love teaching, but i dread going in to work. so, i'm once again on the job market...however, this time i have a definite job in case i don't get anything else.

question for it better to stay at a job where you know the pitfalls or go somewhere new with the hopes of it being better?


happychyck said...

A friend of mine, who has already secured her escape from our unhappy school says, "It's NOT better the devil you know. Staying at someplace because you believe that silly notion puts you in bondage. And then every year you are more trapped and more unhappy." I'm not sure I'm taking her advice because I'm not always sure my unhappiness is ever caused by anyone but myself. My friend does have an excellent point, though.

Ms. H said...

Having found a place where I'm happy...I truly recommend it. I never knew how much of a difference it would make. Incredible.

Cal Teacher Blogger said...

Look for and apply to the BEST schools you can find. Be persistent and don't take less than you know is a good fit for you. Working with a professional and encouraging staff and administration makes all the difference. It's far more important than location of student demographic.

M said...

oh god, this is a question I've asked myself so many times. Sometimes I go on PDs and people are talking about their crappy schools and I feel like I'm just being petty, then I think that things must surely be better elsewhere. It's hard - you don't know what it's like anywhere else until you've tried somewhere else, but trying somewhere else is a gamble.

If you find out the answer, let me know ;)