Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I lied...

Okay, so three times a week didn't happen...obviously.

I've been roped into a freshmen orientation week, and I'm really not liking it at all. It's very disorganized, and we've got so much down time that the kids are getting bored and acting out. Plus, it's cutting into my time and desire to plan for the upcoming year.

I've created syllabi for all my classes. I'm working on fleshing out each of the units now. The fiance and I are heading to Panera tonight to work on school stuff/web design stuff (guess who's doing what). One of the other sophomore teachers has been really generous with her materials, so I'm feeling better about my two sophomore classes. For a couple units, she went so far as to give me entire units, complete with lesson plans, handouts, tests and worksheets.

I really don't have anything intelligent right now. The freshmen are already wearing me out...


Mz.H said...

you'll love the sophomores! so much happens sophomore year, turning 16, driving, etc. -- lots of stuff to use in real-life-relating-to-lesson ideas. Back to planning for me too!
--Mz. H

Rebecca said...

Dear Anonymous Teacher,

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